High Court Papers related to the case of Dhananjoy Chatterjee

Paperbook prepared for Criminal Appeal No. 272 of 1991 at the Calcutta High Court

P1-11 Cover and index pages (Part I)

P12-16 Written Complaint lodged by Yashomati Parekh (Formal FIR)

P17-18 Inquest report

P19-24 Post mortem report

P25 Commitment order

P26-66 Order sheets

P67 Charges framed against Dhananjoy Chatterjee

P68-70 Deposition of Santanu Basu (PW1)

P71-72 Deposition of Md. Safique Alam (PW2)

P73-80 Deposition of Yashomati Parekh (PW3)

P81-90 Deposition of Nagardas Parekh (PW4)

P91-99 Deposition of Bhavesh Parekh (PW5)

P100-105 Deposition of Pratap Chandra Pati (PW6)

P106-113 Deposition of Dasarath Murmu (PW7)

P114-119 Deposition of Ramdhan Yadav (PW8)

P120 Deposition of Rejaul Haque (PW9)

P121-122 Deposition of Rajiv Buvaria (PW10)

P123-124 Deposition of Gouranga Chandra Raul (PW11)

P125 Deposition of Sankar Ray (PW12)

P126-127 Deposition of Mahendra Chouhatia (PW13)

P128 Deposition of Harish Vakhria (PW14)

P129-130 Deposition of Harish Desai (PW15)

P131 Deposition of Panchanan Bhara (PW16)

P132-133 Deposition of Dr. Kirti Bavishi (PW17)

P134-135 Deposition of Md. Fakhuruddin (PW18)

P136-140 Deposition of Deb Dulal Mukherjee (PW19)

P141-150 Deposition of Dr. Dipankar Guha Roy (PW20)

P151-155 Deposition of Shyamal Karmakar (PW21)

P156 Deposition of Dr. Baldev Singh Sidhu (PW22)

P157-158 Deposition of Arun Kumar Saha (PW23)

P159-162 Deposition of Pronab Kumar Chatterjee (PW24)

P163-164 Deposition of Anil Kar (PW25)

P165-167 Deposition of Maloy Mukherjee (PW26)

P168-171 Deposition of Partha Sinha (PW27)

P172-179 Deposition of Gurupada Som (PW28)

P180-186 Deposition of Salil Basu Chowdhury (PW29)

P187-246 Examination of accused

P247-307 Judgement in Sessions Court

P308-310 Death reference letter from Alipore Court to High Court at Calcutta

P311-334 Appeal on behalf of Dhananjoy Chatterjee in High Court

P335 Appeal for being shifted from condemned cell

P336-343 Cover and index pages (Part II)

P344-345 List of exhibits Part I

P346-350 List of exhibits Part II

P351 Sketch map of ground floor and 3rd floor of Anand Apartments

P352-354 Complaint letters from Parekh family

P355-356 Seizure list of 30-6-1990 from Parekh residence

P357 Bill of security agency

P358-361 Seizure lists of 6-3-1990 and 24-5-1990 from Parekh residence

P362-363 Seizure lists of 12-5-1990 from Dhananjoy residence

P364-368 Post mortem requisition and answers to questions

P369-372 Medical examination of Dhananjoy Chatterjee

P373-374 Seizure list of 29-6-1990 from security agency

P375-377 Requisitions from Lalbazar to different police stations

P378-379 Forensic report of 17-9-1990

P380 Forensic report of 25-10-1990

P381 General diary no. 514 dated 5-3-1990, at Bhawanipur PS

P382-385 Dhananjoy's confession to police

P386-391 Requisition of 28th May 1990 for forensic examination

P392-397 Requisition of 16th March 1990 for forensic examination

P398-405 Forensic report of 27-10-1990

P406-412 Forensic report of 27-11-1990

P413-414 Forensic report of 19-12-1990

P415-421 Order sheets of the Court of SDJM Alipore